#SXSW 2019 Everything That Happened! Vlog 134

Went down to Austin, Texas for SXSW. Did some networking, made some beats, shot some music videos.

Welcome to Music Producer/Beat Maker/Video Director/Entrepreneur Cracka Lack Vlog series CrackaLackTV. Episode 134 includes:

– Trip to Texas
– SXSW 2019 music festival footage in Austin, Texas
– Making a beat in the hotel room
– BTS of NoSleep Milli “3am in Austin” (Prod. by Cracka Lack) music video shoot in Austin, Texas
– BTS of ZBE Gunz “Fuck Boi” (Prod. by DJ Lil Sprite) music video shoot in Austin, Texas
– Making beats on FL Studio 20 at Fresh Sonic studios in Houston, Texas

and much more…

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Video Edited by Cracka Lack.